These are app projects that I am working on at the moment or were recently completed. Some are ready for primetime while others are still being fueled at the launchpad. You are encouraged to speak up if you have some thoughts or ideas on improving them. All ideas are welcome.

Wx Plus Health

The Master That™ Interactive Training app offers the Weatherization practitioner best practices for addressing a myriad of situations that may have health related issues associated with them. The app modules are intended as “how-to” models for field workers and are not intended to define DOE WAP policy. Wx Plus Health app.

Ascension St. John Hospital 

The Ascension St. John Hospital app was designed to provide patient’s family surgery updates, hospital navigation, and service recovery requests. The application is only applicable to St John’s Moross, and will require Surgical Case Number and customer defined PIN code to gain access to the application and accompanying data. Ascension St. John Hospital app.